UV Universal Sterilizer Cabinet – White

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UV Universal Sterilizer Cabinet – White

Is a convenient sterilizer for tools. Simply wash items, place in the drawer, switch on the light and the ultraviolet system acts as a germicide; cleaning the instruments inside.

Universal UV sterilizer YM-9006 beauty with a compartment for storing sterile instrument. Uses UF- waves to fight pathogens in the cosmetic and medical equipment. It has a thin-walled metal housing with dimensions / 44cm x 33 cm x 26 cm. In the package is a camera with UF- lamp 8 W / capacity to sterilize instruments in the cosmetic and dermatological offices. UF-lamp can be easily replaced without a screwdriver or other tool with one hand. After that, the lamp can be easily removed and replaced by a new UF-lamp.

Terms of use:

  • Before opening the lamp sterilization chamber must be turned off;
  • Tools in a single layer is expanded in the chamber and door is closed.
  • UF – the lamp is switched on for fifteen to twenty minutes.

As versatile UV sterilizer YM-9006 beauty has a timer, it is easy to comply with the required treatment regimen of any tools, bandages, cosmetics, tissue masks


  • Suitable and easy to operate
  • Produces good temperature
  • Good design and size
  • Good and durable
  • Wattage of 8W
  • Frequency of 50-60Hz


1x Universal Ultraviolet sterilizer

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UV Universal Sterilizer Cabinet - White

UV Universal Sterilizer Cabinet - White

UGX 250,000UGX 350,000 (-29%)

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