How do I request to return an item?

Please call us on +256 775 089023 or send an email to

Can I return my item if my item is outside the warranty period?

No, you will be required to refer the item to the service center.

How do I return an item?

To initiate a return, please contact our customer support team with your order number and reason for return. Our team will guide you through the return process, which may include sending the item back to us through a courier service. Once we receive the item and verify its condition, we will process your refund.

Can my warranty be voided?

Yes, a warranty is voided once an item within the warranty period is opened or referred to a technician(s) not affiliated to the manufacturer.

Do I have to return the gift when I return a product?

Yes, any free gift must also be returned.

Once the return of my package is done, how long will it take to be refunded?

Depending on the complaint, a refund would be made to your preferred payment option immediately or after 5 working days.

Why was my item redelivered to me instead of a refund?

Returned items will be redelivered to you if we cannot validate your reason for returning it. For example, a phone returned for not charging will be tested extensively and if the claim is not validated, (phone charges properly) the item will be taken to our closest store for you to pick up

How long do I have to request for return?

You can request a return within 7 days for all eligible items if:

  • You receive a wrong, damaged, defective, product standard/quality or incomplete item.
  • Must return gift cards also

When returning an item, ensure all seals, tags and accessories are left intact and the item is in its original packaging. If you have created a password on the device you wish to return, please ensure it is removed, otherwise, your return will be invalid.



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